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Group Coordinator:
Prof.ssa Sandra Monti
Tel: +39 0516399813
Fax: +39 0516399844

Giancarlo Marconi, Ilse Manet, Francesco Manoli, Stefano Ottani

Affiliation and Address:
CNR- Istituto per la Sintesi Organica e la Fotoreattivitą
Via Piero Gobetti 101, Area della Ricerca, Bologna

Curriculum Vitae
Doctorate in Physics, University of Pisa
Senior Researcher at the Istitut For Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity, CNR Bologna
President of the Italian Group of Photochemistry, 1990-1993
Associate Editor of the RSC journal Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, from 2002
web site:

Research interests
Photophysics and photochemistry of drug:protein complexes and of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes. Intermediates and mechanisms in the photochemistry of drugs.
Theoretical aspects of photophysics and photochemistry
Quantum mechanical calculations of molecular properties of excited states
Spectral manifestations of optical activity through the calculation of Circular Dichroism (natural, induced or magnetic).

Present Projects:
Ligand-receptor interactions in model systems by spectroscopic and photophysical methods (Progetto CNR)

Photophysics, photochemistry and steady state and time-resolved nanosecond and picosecond absorption/emission techniques. Circular Dichroism. Computational modelling. Conformational calculations. Quantum chemistry.


  • Spectrophotometers (Perkin-Elmer lambda 45, 190-900 nm, Perkin-Elmer lambda 9, 190-3000 nm, Perkin-Elmer lambda 19, 190-3000 nm)
  • Spectrofluorimeters (Edinburgh FLS920, 200-1700 nm, Spex Fluorolog II 1681, 200-900 nm, Perkin Elmer LS-50B, 200-900 nm)
  • Spectropolarimeter JASCO J-715, 190-900 nm
  • Time correlated single-photon counting apparatus with nanosecond resolution (IBH 5000U, pulsed lamp and laser diode sources, 200-900 nm; Edinburgh FLS920, laser diode sources, 400-1700 nm)
  • Laser flash-photolysis systems with nanosecond resolution based on Nd-YAG laser, detection range 250-800 nm; N2 laser, detection range 250-800 nm; Excimer Laser (XeCl), detection range 250-800 nm; Nd-YAG pumped OPO system, detection range 250-1700 nm.
  • Pump and probe system for time resolved absorption with picosecond resolution (Nd-YAG pump, 10 Hz, detection CCD camera, range 400- 1100 nm)
  • Time resolved spectrofluorimeter with picosecond resolution (Nd-YAG excitation, streak camera detection with 2ps resolution.
  • Germanium photodiode detector for NIR radiation (range 1.4 m), cooled at 77 K.

The group expertise is in the characterization of ligand-receptor complexes with phisico-chemical methods: collaboration with preparative groups would be very much appreciated.


  • Sandra Monti, Francesco Manoli, Salvatore Sortino, Raffaele Morrone and Giovanni Nicolosi, "Binding of a chiral drug to a protein: an investigation of the 2-(3-benzoyl-phenyl)propionic acid/bovine serum albumin system by circular dichroism and fluorescence" PHYS. CHEM. CHEM. PHYS. (PCCP),7, 4002-4008 (2005).
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  • I. Manet, S. Monti, P. Bortolus, M. Fagnoni, A. Albini, "The photochemistry of 4-chlorophenol in water revisited: effect of cyclodextrins on cation and carbene reactions" CHEM. EUR. J., 11(14), 4274-4282 (2005).
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  • E. Bandini, P. Bortolus, I. Manet, S. Monti, G. Galiazzo and G. Gennari, "Photoisomerization and photohydration of 3-hydroxystyrylnaphthalenes"PHOTOCHEM. PHOTOBIOL. SCI., 4, 862-868 (2005).
  • P.G. Fuochi, G. Marconi, Q.G Mulazzani, "Radiolytically induced one-electron reduction of Artemisinin in H2O/Ethanol (1:1 v/v) solution: a pulse radiolysis study" INT. J. RADIAT. BIOL., 81, 319-326 (2005).
  • S. Monti, I. Manet, F. Manoli, R. Morrone, G. Nicolosi and S. Sortino, "Diastereoselectivity and site-dependency in the photochemistry of ketoprofen in the bovine serum albumin matrix" PHOTOCHEM. PHOTOBIOL., 82, 13-19 (2006).
  • S. Bonesi, M. Fagnoni, S. Monti, A. Albini "Reaction of singlet oxygen with some benzylic sulfides" TETRAHEDRON, 62, 10716-10723 (2006).
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  • Giancarlo Marconi, Sandra Monti, Francesco Manoli, Stefano Ottani "Circular Dichroism and theoretical studies on the inclusion of the antimalarian drug licochalcone-A in -cyclodextrin" J. INCL. PHENOM. MACROCYCL. CHEM., 57, 279-282 (2007).
  • S. Monti, I. Manet, F. Manoli, S. Sortino " Binding and photochemistry of enantiomeric 2-(3-benzoylphenyl)propionic acid (ketoprofen) in the human serum albumin environment", PHOTOCHEM. PHOTOBIOL. SCI., 6, 462-470 (2007).
  • I. Manet, S. Monti, G. Grabner, S. Protti, D. Dondi, V. Dichiarante, M. Fagnoni, A. Albini "Revealing phenylium, phenonium, vinylenephenonium and benzenium ions in solution" CHEM. EUR. J., in press.
  • M. Freccero, E. Fasani, M. Mella, I. Manet, S. Monti, A. Albini "Modeling the photochemistry of lomefloxacin, a reference phototoxic drug, by steady state and time-resolved experiments and DFT and post-HF calculations", CHEM. EUR. J., DOI 10.1002/chem.200701099.

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