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Group Coordinator:
Prof. Franco Pattarino
Tel: +39 0321275863
Fax: +39 0321375821

Dott.ssa Lorella Giovannelli, Dott.ssa Lorena Segale

Institution and Address:
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche Alimentari Farmaceutiche e Farmacologiche)
Via Bovio, 6 - Novara

Curriculum Vitae
Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies (11/1985) at the University of Turin; researcher at the Department of Drug Science and Technology affiliated to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Turin (1990-1998); Professor of Pharmaceutical Techonology to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Western Pedmont - Novara (11/1998).

Research Interests
Our research activities concerned with the formulation and characterization of advanced drug delivery systems for the administration of bioactive substances.
We develop vehicles that allow to overcome intrinsic drawbacks of actives (chemical stability, compatibility, solubility), to modify in vivo drug availability (using compounds that enhance absorption) and to target bioactive molecules to specific sites.

Reaserch projects in progress
Our attention focuses on solid dosage forms for the oral administration of drugs, on semisolid formulations for the topical application and on lipid systems for the parenteral route:

  • lipid microspheres: microcapsules (<500 ?m) containing the drug in the core and/or in the shell, able to release the active component at a predetermined time or rate.
  • topical delivery systems: semisolid formulations (hydrogels, lipogels, ointments, viscosized emulsions and microemulsions, micelles, liposomes, microspheres in semisolid matrices) adding components that promote the absorption of drugs through the skin or modulate the drug release (e.g. cyclodextrins).
  • liquid colloidal systems: liposomes and SLN as carriers of drugs, in particular cationic vesicular structures containing polyamines as ligands for gene therapy and cell transfection.

Group Expertise:
Skill in the field of pharmaceutical technology: in particular, in pilot production and physico-chemical, pharmaceutical and technological characterization of oral, topical and parenteral dosage forms, both conventional and controlled release drug delivery systems. Moreover, the experience is about characterization of pharmaceutical and technological materials by thermal analysis and about the application of statistics in the pharmaceutical field.

Pilot manufacturing apparatus (tablet machine, spray apparatus, freeze dryer) analytical instruments (particle size and Z-potential analyzer, DSC and TGA, dissolution tester, rheometer, HPLC, UV-Vis and IR spectrophotometers)

We are available to work in partnership related to the pharmaceutical field.


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