Associazione Italiana Chimica e Tecnologia delle Ciclodestrine

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Gruppo CasMedChem

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Group Coordinator:
ERMONDI Giuseppe
Tel +39 0116707282
Fax +39 0116707282

CARON Giulia
Tel +39 0116707282
Fax +39 0116707282

Institution and Address:
Dipartimento di Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco
Via Pietro Giuria n9 - 10125 Turin - Italy

Curriculum Vitae:
Prof.Ermondi is the director of the medicinal chemistry lab called CASMedChem (Computer Assisted Strategies in Drug Design).
More information available at

Research Interests:
In silico ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) prediction.
More information available at

Reaserch projects in progress:

  • Web tools to share information about cyclodextrins
  • Docking techniques to study cyclodextrin/ligand complexes
  • Design, development and application of BIOCUBE, a software able to extract quail- and quantitative information from the Molecular Interaction Fields (MIFs) generated by GRID.

Group Expertise:

  • Design, development and application of molecular modeling tools
  • Application of chemometric techniques



  • The CASMedChem team invites all scientists working with cyclodextrins to actively contribute to the development of the project called "Web tools to share information about cyclodextrins". More information about this project are available at
  • The CASMedChem team looks for people interested in combining their experimental evidences with molecular modeling studies to explore cyclodextrin/ligand interactions ( , , and ).




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