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Prof. Corrado SARZANINI

Maria Concetta Bruzzoniti PhD - mariaconcetta.bruzzoniti[at]
Rosa Maria De Carlo PhD student
Ambra Prelle PhD student

Institution and Address:
Department of Analytical Chemistry - University of Torino
Via Pietro Giuria n░5 - 10125 Torino

Tel +39 0116707628 / 6707844
Fax +39 0116707615

Curriculum Vitae
Corrado Sarzanini is full professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Torino and adjunct professor at the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) of the University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Vice president of the executive board of the Environmental Chemistry and Cultural Heritage Division of the Italian Chemical Society and permanent member of the Central European Group for Separation Sciences. Co-author of 160 scientific papers in International journals, one patent, author of a book and of 9 chapters in International books, attended 12 Conferences as invited speaker (Canada, Croatia, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, USA). He has been awarded by the International Ion Chromatography Symposium (2001, Chicago, USA).

Research interests:
Study and characterization of new materials; development of analytical techniques for the determination of trace pollutants and/or their removal from environmental compartments.
Research projects on-going: Regional project for the scientific and applied research "Monitoring and regeneration of water in the space missions". Italy-Hungary interdepartmental project "Development of new separation methods for analytical porpouses and removal of environmental pollutants using selective polymer materials and integrated detection systems" Dipartimento di Chimica Analitica dell'UniversitÓ di Torino - Department of Analytical Chemistry University of Veszprem (Veszprem, Hungary).

Development of procedures and instrumental analytical techniques, with regard to the use and modelling of separation techniques (chromatography), characterization of new materials.

Instruments available:
HPLC equipments, atomic spectroscopies.

Cooperations Requsted/Offered:
Development of analytical procedures for pollutants removal

Recent Papers:

  • C. Sarzanini, M.C. Bruzzoniti, New Materials: Analytical and Environmental Applications in Ion Chromatography, Anal. Chim. Acta, 540, 45-53 (2005).
  • M.C. Bruzzoniti, C. Sarzanini, G. Costantino, M. Fungi, Determination of herbicides by solid phase extraction gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in drinking waters, Anal. Chim. Acta, 578, 241-249 (2006)
  • M.C. Bruzzoniti, P. Hajos, K. Horvath, C. Sarzanini, Ion chromatographic retention mechanism of inorganic anions on macrocycle based stationary phase, Acta Chim. Slov., 54, 14-19 (2007)
  • S. Berto, M.C. Bruzzoniti, R. Cavalli, D. Perrachon, E. Prenesti, C. Sarzanini, F. Trotta, W. Tumiatti, Synthesis of new ionic -cyclodextrin polymers and characterization of their heavy metals retention, J. Inclusion Phenom. and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 57, 631-636 (2007)
  • S. Berto, M.C. Bruzzoniti, R. Cavalli, D. Perrachon, E. Prenesti, C. Sarzanini, F. Trotta, W. Tumiatti, Highly crosslinked ionic -cyclodextrin polymers and their interaction with heavy metals, J. Inclusion Phenom. and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 57, 637-643 (2007)
  • M.C. Bruzzoniti, A. Pelle, C. Sarzanini, B. Onida, S. Fiorilli, E. Garrone, Retention of heavy metal ions on SBA-15 mesoporous silica functionalized with carboxylic groups, J. Sep. Science, in stampa (2007).


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